Artist Research

Christian Dior was the first designer I looked into. I chose to look at the 2007 Spring collection, this was because I felt that some of the origami styled fold placed on the dresses linked back to Architecture. although the link wasn’t extremely close I felt that the origami represented the structure side of architecture and some of the smaller aspects of the designs related closely to architectural detail. As a response to Dior’s work i created a small origami flower as well as creating a fashion illustration inspired by the work i had looked at. Image


Project Brief

My unit 3 project started and quickly started to take shape as soon as i returned from my summer holidays. The project was started by looking into and researching in to my given Brief. The brief that was set for this project was architecture.

My first response to the project brief was to make a mind map of the different aspects of architecture, these included thinking about structure, architectural detail, fashion inspired by architecture and specific buildings such as Sydney opera house or Birmingham bullring. After creating a mind map I continued to do research into the different things i had thought of and collected a selection of different images that would enable me to create a mood board.