My final piece started out with the theme of architecture, after plenty of research the idea for my final outcome then became more closely connected to the theme of structure. The artists that I had looked at throughout the course were all based on different aspects of architecture, for example Harrison Johnson leant more towards the structural side where as designers such Dolce and Gabbana linked better with architectural detail. As well as these artists I also looked into many more such as Viktor and Rolf, Nathan Pass, Rowan Mersh and Petra Storrs. My final outcome had strong influence from Nathan Pass and Viktor and Rolf this is because Nathan Pass focused on collars and Viktor and Rolf used similar looking fabrics as those that I had used in my final outcome.

For my final outcome I chose to use pvc, one of the reasons for choosing to work with this fabric is because it holds its shape well. When planning my final piece I knew I wanted my outcome to be based on structure and therefore knew I needed a material that would be easy to work on to however also hold its shape well. When looking back through my book at fabrics I had experimented with it came down to the decision between denim and pvc. The one reason I didn’t choose denim is because it becomes too thick and hard to work with very quickly. As well as the final decision to use pvc for my final piece I also decide to use net to add abit of variation within my final outcome.

I like my final piece for many reasons. One of which is that it has come out how I had planned it to look, I also like the way it manages to hold its structure. Despite liking my final outcome if I was able to create it again I’d make sure all the squares were the same shape and size first as well as adding more net within the piece. One thing I wouldn’t change if I was to recreate my final piece is the shape of the base.

The most successful part of my entire project was my dolce and gabbana page, I feel this is successful because I created some beautiful small samples as well as providing a strong link between the artist’s work and my initial brief of architecture. One part of the project that wasn’t as successful as this was my research into Alexander McQueen, I struggled to find a link between his work and architecture, this is the main reason I decided against experiment further with his work, when taking inspiration from artists to create my final outcome.

If I had more time within the project I would go back through my book adding in more fashion illustrations, aswell as possibly adding more detailed annotation of my opinion towards artists work and how they could inspire me. If I was to start the project again I would separate my research into sections, for example start with the structural artists and then move onto architectural detail focused artists, this would allow me to clearly see which ways I work the best.


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