Iris Van Herpen

Once I had moved onto looking at smaller architectural detail such as staircases I decided to research into more artists that reflected this in their work. The first artist I looked at after making this decision was Iris Van Herpen, in this work there is lots of the same shape repeated over and over. One of the outcomes reminded me of a spiral staircase. To recreate this work I started using net with black and white stitch, I repeated triangular shapes all over it, I then went on to extend this work by using vanishing muslin , I used the same sort of stitch work however only used white thread. This outcome was effective because there was no fabric behind it. One thing I didn’t like about using this material is when it got dissolved all the stitch work shrunk and lost its shape and therefore didn’t look the same as it originally had done. Once I’d experimented with this I went on to use acetate that had printed images on it.  The images I had chosen to put on the acetate were of staircases so that it related straight back to my brief, after printing this out I cut them out into triangular shape and stitched them onto a clear piece of pvc.


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